JustOne is a close-knit network of Legal professionals who are actively striving to leverage their international connections for the greater good of their respective clients.

JustOne is an organization of independent lawyers committed to the effective exchange of professional information about their local and global development of the law and practice, in order to improve its members’ ability to serve the needs of their respective clients.


The close-knit relationship between members creates a “ring of trust” among international peers who are committed to respect a the JustOne Code of conduct whereby they untertake to provide effective, timely and reliable exchanges of information, experiences and techniques and to support each others needs for their clients legal services. Seemless international references go a long way to foster timely international conflict resolution, quality legal advice and facilitation of cross-border arbitration or litigation.

While several of its the members already had a long experience of international collaboration, the network was formally set-up in 2009.

The strong personal ties between JustOne members are fundamental to create this rare thing we call our “ring of trust” which distinguishes JustOne from virtually any other professional network. Indeed, other networks typically connect lawfirms and other impersonal entities which require cumbersome protocals to stay in place, require burdensome rules, involve heavy cost structures and do not generate the level of commitment JustOne does. JustOne just delivers.


The core membership operates at the European level with antennas as far as Canada. As such it can leverage the members’ distinct knowledge of different aspects of EU Law, GDPR rules, etc. Additionally individual lawyers provide their specific national expertise and knowledge as well as their network of employees, colleagues and independant contractors into the mix in order to provide the timely and diverse technical solutions that are often reserved to bigger and more costly lawfirms. This is our modern response to a world ever growing in complexity and speed.


The members of JustOne can help in nearly all areas of practice, including:

  • Commercial Arbitration
  • Administrative and other “red tape”
  • Banking & Asset Finance
  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Corporate Finance & M&A
  • Criminal
  • Debt Recovery
  • Homologation of international decisions (arbitral awards, foreign judgments)
  • Employment (Labour)
  • Expropriation
  • Insolvency
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual Property – IT
  • Labour and Mobility
  • Liability and damages
  • Real Estate
  • Taxes
  • Trade


You don’t! Peruse our list of members. Choose the Member residing in your country and get in touch. This lawyer will try to help you directly if your matter is of local law.

If your matter only entails minimal international aspects as an accessory to the local matters, this lawyer may contact the requisite JustOne Member and incorporate the international input into the offered solution. This lawyer will invoice you locally for this international consulting of colleagues and the Members of JustOne will sort the monetary issues among themselves.

If your needs include a heavier use of international expertise your local JustOne Member will establish the contact with the requisite JustOne member/members in the target state and you will be invited to enter separate retainer agreements with them or a third party they recommend. Be advised, that in order to prevent scams and fraud, your local lawyer may require a file be opened and a reasonable deposit to be paid in trust before activating the JustOne network.