The most recent event of the JustOne International lawyers Network


November 2022, JustOne Legal Meet-up in Istanbul, Turkey


Thanks to the gracious invite by our prospective member, Mr. Alper Yilmaz we had a productive JustOne meet-up in a very cosmopolitan city of Instanbul by the Bosphorous.



Topics discussed include:

  • Introductive remarks were brought by Floor Wertenbroek, from Holland
  • Exchanges concerning Membership and Member-Status updates
  • Guest lecture by Thomas Bagdanskis based on his latest book “Legal Practice” published in 2022
    • Marketing of Legal Services
    • Typology of various international/national professional groupings
    • Strengths and Opportunities for the JustOne Brand / for its members
    • Strategy consideration
  • Free discussion and strategical positioning:
  • the power of the personal connection to establish trust, responsiveness, openness and mutual collaboration.
    • JustOne is a “ring of trust” for the benefit of our respective clients
    • JustOne provides a multiplying factor for practice innovation
    • JustOne projects our national expertise, competence and knowledge far beyond the territorial limits of our national states.
  • Teambuilding activities ensued:


  • and obviously some oriental delicacies in the plates…


  • … with the backdrop of the ever present Bosphorus Straight …


  • that both divides and unites the city, the seas, the continents, foes and friends. Strategically tragic and beautiful.


November 2022 JustOne Legal Meet-up in Istanbul, Turkey