Thank you for your interest in the JustOne conditions for Membership. JustOne is not actively looking for additional membership. Admission procedures have been adopted in order to make sure all our JustOne Members understand and share the values of our network: competence, personal relationships, trust, effectiveness, timeliness and a genuine commitment to each other. We have joined a group that is build on a ring of trust. Only this way can we make sure that we rely on our conterpart to deliver consistent quality legal services to serve our valued customers.

This is why, in a nutshell:

  • Candidate JustOne Members can only access the network through recommendation by another JustOne Member
  • Candidate JustOne Members must have a strong command of oral and written languages spoken in the International arena, mainly English but other Languages are welcome
  • Each Candidate JustOne Member must show their good standing at their respective bar association
  • Each Candidate JustOne Member must provide a link to a working website or social network site and provide a resume and picture
  • Each Candidate JustOne Member must undertake to respect and uphold the principles of the JustOne Code of Conduct
  • Each Candidate JustOne Member must first be presented in person to the other JustOne Members before they can be accepted as JustOne Prospective Member
  • The JustOne Member is a natural person (the lawyer) and never his lawfirm
  • A Candidate JustOne Member collaborates to a period of due diligence of two-years before he/she may be admissible to full Membership status
  • Once admitted to Full Membership Status and in order to maintain its good standing, a JustOne Member continue to respect the JustOne Code of Conduct
  • Compliance to the Code of Conduct implies that the JustOne Member must personally attend at least one JustOne Meet-up per year
  • JustOne is committed to efficiency and cost-effectiveness, therefore no membership fees are requested, but regular attendance is a fundamental aspect of the strength of the “ring of trust” principle we actively uphold

If you believe that your Candidacy respects the stated criteria, you can reach out to any member you know best and present your case. Be informed that your records will be shared among the JustOne Members for review.