Training company “Countline” and Professional Law Partnership ILAW in association with international lawyers network Just One will organize a conference entitled “Posting of Workers: Tax and Labour Law perspectives” on 8th December 2016 in Vilnius, Lithuania.


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  Søren Aagaard  Ilse Melis   Raimund E. Walch  Tomas Bagdanskis
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  Ingrida Streponaviciene  Maarten Simon   Claude A. Lenth

Speakers from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Lithuania were invited to address the following topics:

  • Legal regulation of the employees posted to a foreign country, requirements for formalization, e.g. requirements for minimal/maximum salary, working/rest time/vacations, application of collective agreements, working safety, are there any must-take steps, e.g. noticing some institutions of the foreign employees, etc. Practical insights, issues to be checked/risks avoided, etc.
  • Short-term vs long-term posting of employees: what is deemed to be short/long?
  • Differences in regulation of posted employees and employees sent on temporary agency employment;
  • Payment of daily allowances and their taxation; are daily allowances recognized as a part of minimal salary?
  • Payment of:
    • tax on personal income,
    • Social Security payments, from the salary of posted/sent on temporary agency employment employees – when is it payable in foreign country? Who is responsible for payment – employer or employee? When should the tax be paid? What formalities and when should be gone through for this purpose?

It is planned that the conference will gather about 150 participants from various Lithuanian companies that appoint staff and do business abroad. Participants represent the following business sectors:

–          Furniture manufacture and trade;

–          Civil aviation;

–          Logistics (3PL – third party logistics);

–          Purchase/sales;

–          Road Freight Transport Services, logistics, warehousing services;

–          Insulation, passive fire protection, refractory services, construction sites access;

–          Construction works;

–          Accountancy;

–          Recruitment, rental of employees;

–          Ship repair, construction;

–          Cleaning services;

–          Crewing for vessels;

–          Wholesale in packaging materials;

–          Grain drying, storing;

–          Forestry, forest goods;

–          Design works;

–          Auto services (repairs, cleaning).


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International conference on Posting of Workers: Tax and Labour Law perspectives